Marrowstone Vineyards

Marrowstone Vineyards

The opportunity to perform at this winery on Marrowstone Island was a sincere gift. Beautiful and kind people give lovely tours of the vineyard overlooking our Salish Sea. Give these elegant wines a taste. In grapes this year you may taste in tandem notes of smoke from fires and the notes we performed. Embrace the beautiful essence of this year through local soundscapes and locally crafted wine! — with Marina Gittins and Daniel Macke at Marrowstone Vineyards.

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This is a video sound art project featuring the soundscapes within Appleton, Wisconsin.  I studied music for 5 years in this city and was often struck by the music surrounding my music.  Each segment is separate from each other however, it is not difficult to imagine all of these soundscapes blending and merging together within 1 mile radius of each other.